Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BradP Secrets of Inner Game Review

Think of inner game as the roots of a tree. Your skillset, appearance and body language are the tree itself. Your results with women would represent the fruit. Brad P Secrets of Inner Game covers 18 issues that typically trip up aspiring pickup artists. If serious inner game issues go untreated, working on your outer game doesn't do much good, and you either won't have any fruit or it will be disappointing (e.g. fat chicks, psycho chicks, etc.).

The nature of the seduction community tends to attract socially unadjusted men who believe that sex with hot women will solve all their problems.

The truth however, is that to get the hot women, you first need to deal with your own issues. Clever lines and routines may work as a band-aid for awhile, but to land and keep a ten, you have to become a ten yourself, and fixing your inner game is the place to start.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brad P PUA Review

I was fortunate to learn about Brad P shortly after discovering the pickup community. Do you want to know why?

Because there is a lot of crap out there being pedaled as dating advice.

Brad's philosophy is that it's best to get a strong reaction – either negative or positive - right away. That way you don't waste your time on go nowhere sets.

If you want some women to be instantly turned on, you have to accept that others will instantly reject you.
This philosophy encourages you to be aggressive and take risks. It's a lot better to loose women by being to aggressive than too passive. Since the alternative is ending up in the friend zone for the rest of your life. :(

Here are a few things that really stand out:
  • He developed his game independently from the rest of the seduction community.
  • He realized that there was a big problem after learning that some of his students knew A LOT of pick-up theory and couldn't use any of it.
  • Not having enough information isn't the problem - having the balls to go out and use what you know is everything.
Anyway, it all made a lot of sense to me, so that's why I chose to become a Brad P PUA rather spend years spinning my wheels.